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Erect, use and dismantle access equipment for construction work


Unit Standard (SAQA Reg. No 261664)

Scaffolding performs several important functions during the construction process. It provides a temporary working platform to enable work to be performed at a height. It is also used to protect persons working at a height from falling or to protect persons working below from falling objects.

Falling from a height is the most common cause of accidental death and serious injury in the construction industry. Scaffolding which is adequately erected and maintained can prevent many such accidents.

Successful candidates credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Erect and dismantle a system scaffold with ladder access.
  • Erect and dismantle a trestle scaffold.
  • Erect and dismantle an extension ladder.
  • Make use of a step ladder.




Quality Assured Partner: Construction Education And Training Authority



The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this course are required by people in the field of building and civil construction. Learners should be able to perform duties in installing access equipment for construction work effectively and safely.

System Scaffold


  • Scaffolding Hazards
  • Definitions
  • Safe Erection And Dismantling
  • Safety Of Scaffolders
  • Safety Of Other Workers and Persons
  • Incomplete Scaffolding
  • Materials
  • Stability
  • Adjacent Excavations and Underground Services
  • Blocks, Bricks and Other Material
  • Access To The Scaffold
  • Erection On Public Streets
  • Through Access
  • Adjacent Parking Or Traffic
  • Inspection And Hand-Over

Safety Regulations

System Scaffolding

  • Components Used In System Scaffolding.
  • Types Of Systems
  • Components Of The Cuplok system
  • Connecting The System
  • Dismantling System Scaffold

Other Scaffolding Systems

  • Putlock Scaffold
  • Scaffolding Towers
  • Birdcage Scaffold
  • Tubular Steel System Scaffolding
  • Tubular Steel Independent Tied Scaffold
  • Ledgers:
  • Transoms:

Inspection of the Scaffolding Structure

Trestle Scaffold

Safety Regulations For Trestle Scaffolding.

Erect And Dismantle Trestle Scaffolding

  • Steel Trestles
  • Steps To Erect Trestle Scaffolding

Dismantle Trestle Scaffolding.

Extension Ladder

Safety Regulations, Erection And Use Of Ladders

  • Extracts From The General Safety Regulations

Guidelines To Select A Ladder

  • Wooden Ladders
  • Length And Type Of Extension Ladders

Guidelines To Free An Area Of Obstructions

Safety When Using Extension Ladders

Setting-Up An Extension Ladder

  • How To Erect A Ladder Without Help
  • Ascending And Descending A Ladder
  • Mounting A Ladder While Carrying Equipment

General Information Regarding Ladders

  • Ladder Inspection
  • Storing Ladders
  • Tip For Painting On A Ladder

Using Step Ladders

  • Setting Up A Step Ladder
  • Procedure To Ascend (Climb) And Descend Stepladders

Safety For Step Ladders

Taking Care Of Step Ladders

  • Storing A Step Ladder

Entry Level Requirements Into This Programme?

  • Certified copy of his/her ID document
  • Highest School certificate  or Skills certificate equivalent NQF Level 2
  • Be medically fit and in possession of a medical certificate, declaring him/her free from a condition that may prevent him/her from working safely at heights.

Learning Assumed To Be In Place And Recognition Of Prior Learning:

  • Communication at NQF Level 2 or equivalent
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 2 or equivalent

Target Audience

All employees, Managers, Supervisors and safety practitioners who want to understand better  the requirements of how to  Erect, use and dismantle access equipment in the  construction workplace.

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