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Working at Heights


Unit Standard (SAQA Reg. No 229998)

Working at height means working in a place where a person could fall from one level to another. This can be above or below ground level. It does not include slipping, tripping or falling at the same level. Falls from working with ladders and scaffolding are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths, these falls can stop the working process which means loss of time and work production.

The risks associated with working at height must be identified and controlled effectively, prior to any work at height starting. Too many falls from height are caused by a failure to plan and organise work properly.

This course will explain simple, practical measures to reduce the risk of workers falling while working at height and compliance with the OSH Act legal requirements.

Successful candidates credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Explain the use and limitations of a limited range of fall arrest equipment and fall arrest plan.
  • Inspect, assembling and storing fall arrest equipment.
  • Select suitable anchor points.
  • Use fall arrest systems with a double lanyard.
  • Use pre-installed vertical and horizontal life-lines.




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Learners wishing to acquire the competencies in this course will be, people working at height where there is a risk of injury from a fall. Learners will be involved in performing tasks at height. Qualifying learners are able to follow fall arrest principles to perform work at height safely, under supervision of a qualified supervisor. The area of focus of this course will be;

Programme Introduction

  • Programme breakdown & Duration.
  • Unit Standard Information.
  • Legislative Requirements.
  • Purpose of the Training.

Fall Arrest Equipment

  • Fall arrest terms and definitions.
  • Full body harnesses and work positioning system.
  • Types of fall arrest devises.
  • Fall protection plan.

Inspect, Assemble and store fall arrest equipment

  • Fall arrest system inspection.
  • Maintenance and storage of fall arrest system
  • Fall protection system – assembly.
  • Installing a fall arrest system.
  • Typical assembly of a fall arrest system.

Anchor Points

  • Anchor Points.
  • Anchor point safety.

Using fall arrest & prevention system

  • Using a fall arrest system.
  • Tools and fall prevention / arrest.

Basic Rescue

  • Emergency planning – introduction.
  • Suspension Trauma.

Entry Level Requirements Into This Programme?

  • Certified copy of his/her ID document
  • School certificate Grade 7 (Std 5) or Skills certificate equivalent NQF Level 3
  • Be medically fit and in possession of a medical certificate, declaring him/her free from a condition that may prevent him/her from working safely at heights.

Learning Assumed To Be In Place And Recognition Of Prior Learning:

  • Communication at NQF Level 3 or equivalent
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3 or equivalent

Target Audience

Activities performed above two meters. General workers Managers, Supervisors professionals requiring rope access, structure assemblers  performing work at heights.

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